UV 卷材机 UV-1260 / UV-1260C image

Our breakthrough UV technology addresses durability issues related to abrasion and solvents and also provides more effective, opaque white ink performance. This UV printing process is great for a very wide variety of commercial and industrial applications . The Epson DX5 series UV printer delivers flawless graphics and text at resolutions up to 1440 dpi.

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Water Cooling UV-LED Lamp

It is one of the world’s top UV-LED, long lifespan, low heat, and instant on-off

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Wide Pinch Roller

Wide pinch roller keeps smooth movement of the media. And it has proper pressure to ensure accurate media step while not make any footprint of the pinch roller.

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Big Functional Control Panel

Adopts the latest program Intelligent Error Auto-Detection boards, it can guide user to find solution very quickly.

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Ultrawide LED Light Bar (optional Part)

Convenient for checking backlit material printing quality.


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Italian Megadyne Belt

High quality. Durable. Guarantee smooth movement of carriage.

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German IGUS Drag Chain

IGUS drag chain itself is a guarantee of quality, takes the printer stability to a new level.

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Integrated Aluminous Carriage Girder

It’s the girder on which placed the guide rail. It’s made of aluminum to ensure very high accuracy for the guide rail and carriage.

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Guide Rail with a Increased Width of 20mm

Only high quality wide guide rail supports carriage move back and forth for million times without any issue. And it’s the key part that ensures the accuracy of the carriage movement.

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Steel Main Girder

Main girder is made of steel so that it won’t be out of shape in very long term. It also increased the printer weight and structure stability.

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Aluminum Moulding Frame

Increase machine accuracy and extend machine durability

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Double Slider

Since the double heads printer has wider carriage, double slider is necessary to ensure stable movement of the carriage.

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Variable Dot Print Technology

Permitting the printer to provide smooth gradations, exceptional solid colors and optimum image quality in all print modes

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LED Lamp Strip

with the LED lamp strip, uses could check out the print result more easily


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型号 UV-1260C UV-1260
打印喷头 2个爱普生Dx8 2个爱普生Dx7 
打印精度 1440dpi
耗材 宽度 3.2 m
种类 天花软膜、灯布、皮革、PET 膜、反光膜及其他众多卷材 
速度 6 Pass 16 sqm/h / 8 sqm/h 15 sqm/h / 7 sqm/h
8 Pass 12 sqm/h / 6 sqm/h 11 sqm/h / 5 sqm/h
12 Pass 8 sqm/h / 4 sqm/h 7 sqm/h / 3 sqm/h
墨水颜色 C M Y K Lc Lm / C M Y K Lc Lm + W C M Y K / C M Y K + W
墨水种类 UV固化油墨
固化 高品质水冷UV-LED灯
清洗 自动清洗、闪喷、封喷头
收放布 自动收放布系统
环境 温度: 20-28°C, 湿度: 40-60%
软件 UltraPrint/PhotoPrint
输入接口 USB2.0
电源 50/60Hz, 110/220V,1500W
尺寸 & 重量 机器 长4360 宽800 高1270 (mm) / 480 KG
包装 长4560 宽960 高760 (mm) / 640 KG