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With the RUV-3204, you can easily create vibrant prototypes and short runs on a variety of actual press substrates, in one seamless workflow. Decor wallpaper, Ad banners, Flexible bag media,  Labels. Clear film. CMYK, White, Varnish, Emboss, Crease. All with a single device.

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Luxury Frame, Quality Parts Inside

Built with all high quality parts, extend printer stability and


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Printhead Capping

The additional capping system effectively prevent the printhead from clogging when the printer is idle

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Separate Ink Purge System

It allows user to purge each color separately, or flush each printhead with cleaning liquid

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Advanced Media Handling

The media take up is strong enough to load heavy rolls around 120KG

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Ink Alarm System

The bulk and waste ink tank are installed with level sensors to alarm ink refill and overflow signal.

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1280 Nozzles

Each printhead has 1280 nozzles which is far more than that of Epson printhead, thus the print speed and color consistance are greatly increased.

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Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

The negative pressure ink system ensures high stability of ink supply. Operator can easily monitor the system and control negative pressure. The system adjusts the ink pressure automatically, no manually operation is needed. Air pump works only when the air pressure is needed, offers stable air pressure.


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型号 RUV-3204
打印喷头 工业压电理光ricoh GEN5 喷头 (3/4 喷头)
打印精度 300dpi 600dpi 900dpi 1200dpi
墨滴大小 7pl
打印宽度 210 to 3200mm
耗材 宽度 210 to 3250mm
厚度 1mm(0.039in)
速度 精细模式 22 sqm/h (8 pass)
标准模式 30 sqm/h (6 pass)
草图模式 44 sqm/h (4 pass)
墨水 种类 LED UV
颜色 C M Y K / C M Y K + 1W/2W + Varnish
容量 5L 墨瓶
烦躁方法 双UV LED灯
连接口 USB 2.0
电源要求 AC 110V /220V ± 5%, 16A, 50Hz ± 1
电源消耗 MAX 3000W
尺寸 & 重量 机器 长4200 宽2100 高1400 (mm) / 930 KG
包装 长4300 宽2200 高1500 (mm) / 1080 KG