UV 平板机 FB-2513 image

With the capability to print onto thick substrates, it offers the ability to produce a diverse range of prints for both indoor and outdoor use. FB-2513 & FB-1313 UV flatbed printers are ideal for applications such as backlit displays and signage, signs and posters, interior décor, glass and metal decorative panels and more.

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High Precision Machine Frame

As the foundation of high quality printing, the high precision machine frame ensures perfect print resolution

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Ultra Wide Carriage Plate

UV light that reflects to the printhead surface is effectively avoided, to extend the printhead lifespan

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Ultra Wide Capping System with Automated Wiper

Clean the printhead and wipe the ink from the printhead surface with just one click.

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High-power X Motor and Speed Reducer

Compared to those printers with second-level belt transmission, our motor and speed reducer design ensures higher resolution and stability.

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One-time Molding Aluminum Fixation Component

X axis’s gear fixation component are processed with one-time molding technology, in order to ensure the highest resolution standard.

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Low Ink Alarm

Machine gives LED light signal to alarm user to fill ink. No need to interrupt any printing job any more.

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Printhead Wrapping and Heating

Printhead is wrapped and heated inside a printhead base. This unique design minimized the impact that caused by cold temperature.

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One-time Molding Aluminum Carriage Beam

We make the carriage beam with one-time molding aluminum as it is another key factor to high resolution printing.

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Dual Guide Rail

X axis is equipped with dual guide rail which ensures smooth and stable movement of the heavy carriage.

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High Precision Screw Drive

Y axis is using screw drive transmission mode which has far better precision than belt drive.

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Production Speed

Print speed can reach up to 18 square meters per hour. More productive than previous generation of uv printers.


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型号 FB-2513 FB-1313 FB-0906
喷头 压电喷头DX5/7/8 G 3.5PL
喷头高度 10 cm
耗材 尺寸 2500 x 1300 (mm) 1300 x 1300 (mm) 900 x 600 (mm)
种类 玻璃、亚克力、陶瓷、金属、纸、木板、皮革、PVC, PP, PE, PTFE…
速度 草图模式 24 sqm/h 18 sqm/h 18 sqm/h
标准模式 14 sqm/h 10 sqm/h 10 sqm/h
照片模式 10 sqm/h 6 sqm/h 6 sqm/h
墨水 种类 UV 墨水
颜色 CMYK / CMYKLcLm / White or Varnish
墨瓶 500 ML,自动墨量监控,持续用墨
干燥系统 UV_LED 灯
吸风系统 4区域独立高功率吸风 独立高功率吸风
打印精度 1440, 2160, 2880 dpi
软件 MainTop / PhotoPrint (可选)
操作系统 Windows 7 32/64bit RAM≥8G
环境 温度: 18°C – 26°C ; 湿度 : 40% – 60%
电源 3.6KW, AC, 50/60Hz, 220V(±10%)>12A
尺寸 机器 长3700 宽2300 高1550 (mm) 长2600 宽2000 高1500 (mm) 长2200 宽1250 高1400 (mm)
包装 长3800 宽2400 高1650 (mm) 长2700 宽2100 高1600 (mm) 长2300 宽1350 高1500 (mm)
重量 机器 900 KG 630 KG 350 KG
包装 1000 KG 700 KG 400 KG