The Spectra® Polaris PQ-512/15 is a high performance inkjet printhead designed for a broad range of industrial and commercial printing applications at resolutions up to 1000 dpi. Robust construction and repairable design make it ideal for solvent and UV wide format printers built for demanding production environments.

* 15 picoliter nominal drop size
* 512 individual addressable nozzles
* Incorporates VersaDrop™ binary jetting capability
* Excellent channel-to-channel uniformity
* High frequency continuous operation
* Designed for long service life
* Integral mounting bezel with precision features
* Configurable for single- and two-color operation
* Optimized for high viscosity jetting fluids
* Built-in heaters and temperature sensors
* Operation up to 60°C [140°F] * Simplified field repair with no special tools required


Parameter Polaris PQ-512/15 Printhead
Number of addressable jets 512
Print width 64.897 mm(2.555 inches)
Single coloe (4 rows of jets) 127 microns [0.005 in.](200 dpi)
Two coloe (2 rows of jets/per color) 254 microns [0.010 in.](100 dpi)
Jet straightness, 1 sigma* 2.0 mard[0.11°]
Nominal drop velocity 8 m/s
Calibrated drop mass 15ng
Compatible jetting fluids UV-curable, organic solvents
Adjustment for drop size 15-30 picoliters
Operating temperature range up to 60°C
Fluid viscosity at jetting 10 to 14 centipoise
Dry weight 160 grams